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Finding The Fourth Beatle

Finding The Fourth Beatle

“Up until then, it was always John, Paul,  George and a drummer.” Neil Aspinall

The is the story of The Beatles from 1956-1970 told through the 23 drummers, including Colin Hanton, Pete Best and Jimmie Nicol, and some you may not have heard of. The Beatles’ crises; changes of musical direction, getting a record deal, and finding the drummer who would put the beat into The Beatles: Ringo Starr, the Fourth Beatle.

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The Book

With interviews and photographs, supported by evidence, read the story of The Beatles as told through the 23 drummers

The Film


A documentary feature film telling the story of Finding The Fourth Beatle. Details to follow

The CD/ Album


With 41 tracks, listen to the Decca Audition, EMI audition and tracks featuring as many of the drummers featured in the story

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Finding The Fourth Beatle