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Finding The Fourth Beatle

The Fourth Beatle Book Production Team




David Bedford

David is the author of “Liddypool” and “The Fab One Hundred and Four”, and Associate Producer for “Looking for Lennon”, and researcher/co-author for “Finding The Fourth Beatle”

Garry Popper

Garry is the Producer with Get Back Films and also co-author with David for “Finding The Fourth Beatle”.

Paul Skellett

Paul is a musician, artist and designer with a number of incredible books to his name already.

Finding The Fourth Beatle - The Book


David grew up in The Dingle, Liverpool, by the bottom of Madryn Street, where Ringo was born, and attended the same school as Ringo, though many years later.

In the Dingle, he met his wife, Alix. Not long after marrying, they left The Dingle and bought a house near Penny Lane. They have three daughters, Philippa, Lauren and Ashleigh, who attended Dovedale School, where John Lennon and George Harrison began their education.

When illness forced retirement upon David at the age of 35, he began a quest to discover as much about The Beatles and Liverpool that he could. He started to write for the British Beatles Fan Club magazine in 2000. His first book, first published in 2009 is now on its Third Edition Liddypool: Birthplace of The Beatles

His second book, The Fab one hundred and Four:The Evolution of The Beatleswas published in 2013 to critical acclaimIt featured every family member, friend and musician who contributed to the story of The Beatles, including the previously unknown school friend of John who started it all.

In 2018, his third book, with co-author Garry Popper, is Finding the Fourth Beatle, which tells the story of the 23 drummers who put the beat behind the Fab Three.

He is also the Associate Producer and historical consultant for “Looking For Lennon”, a documentary film about the life of the enigmatic Beatle, and is resuming the same roles for the documentary film, “Finding The Fourth Beatle”.

Find out more at www.davidabedford.com


Garry trained as a graphic designer with the intention of going on to become a film director. The death of his father halted the dream for 40 years. After winning the Designer of the Year Award in 1973 he rose to become variously Head of Design, Creative Director, Marketing Manager, and Marketing Director with several blue chip national and international agencies and organisations before starting a design concept and management consultancy with clients as diverse as BAe Aero Space and Defence Systems, Park Lane Management, Marconi and Port of London Authority.

Versed in two and three dimensional design, production, manufacturing and marketing methods, Garry’s creative output has generated many other pet projects including 17 published children’s books, animation, a series of new patent inventions for multi-visual display technology systems and a range of sports footwear. Skilled in contract and patent law, Garry combined his marketing and management roles and returned to his lifelong dream of film production in 2008. Since then he has produced Get Back: The City That Rocked the World in 2013, Looking for Lennon in 2017 and has been busy researching, writing and producing Finding the Fourth Beatle – the book and the film.


Paul’s work created a pioneering attitude and was a major influence in the way leisure branding changed the face of the high street. His core skills are photo-graphic design, branding/brand development, image re-mastering, writing and conceptual thinking.


As an experienced visual designer and artist  working across many mediums from concept to production, Paul has worked in the worlds of entertainment/retail, fashion and publishing. Paul recently designed and published the best selling book 'Eight Arms to Hold You', a focused photographic study of The Beatles during the making of the film HELP!


Paul has just completed 'The Beatles - All You Need Is Love' and is in the process of designing and performing restoration on 'The Beatles - Tom Murray's Mad Day Out', also 'Michael Randolph / The Rolling Stones - Rock and Roll Circus'.

Paul's fine/mixed medium art is on one hand from his own twilight world, on the other inspired by many of the great rock and roll photographers such as Astrid Kirchherr ,Dezzo Hoffmann, Chris McHugh, Tom Murray, Michael Randolph, Bill Orchard, David Magnus, David Graves, Duncan Bryceland, Lehtikuva Oy, Bob Whitaker and the many archives such as Rex/Shutterstock, Getty and ITV etc. that hold amazing images, many without names to credit. Paul's goal in creating his own variations is that it will deliver these images and names across generations.


Prior to his total 'rock and roll' focus, Paul had co authored, designed and published the book that has become known as 'The Bible of Golf'. It is considered the worlds most luxurious book on golf, it's also the most rock 'n' roll.

The book was published through 'ARCHIVUM' a company formed by Paul and Simon Weitzman.

Alongside his core creative skills, Paul is an accomplished painter and specializes in the digital restoration of photographs. (www.skellett.com) (www.skellettcreative.co.uk)


Paul has always painted and maintains the opinion that art, along with music, is one of the last human attributes that truly defines us as an individual. Although Paul's main 'output' is art and design, his real passion is the making and producing of music.


Paul loves art and design but always maintains his real passion is music production and writing.

As an artist he has exhibited in London, Tokyo and Paris.


Paul's current audio project is a soundtrack to accompany his 'Alice - The Other-side of Nowhere' painting exhibition. Paul will also be releasing his own book on 'Alice' in early 2018. He is also developing a submersive ALICE VR experience. Check out the 'Alice' hangout on Facebook.

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